Located in the heart of Valcalepio, between Bergamo and Lake Iseo, the Castle of Grumello was built as a military fortress in 1200 and later became an aristocratic manor house..
What remains today of the medieval fortress is the tower with Guelph battlements, the Knights’ hall and the wine cellars, while the house and the chapel date back to 1700.


Since the 1950s, thanks to the technical support in the past from Oenologist Carlo Zadra and today from Paolo Zadra, the Castello and its Cellar have given new impetus to the wine-making tradition of the Grumello area with the production of high-quality wines. The Castello and its Cellars are members of the Movimento Turismo del Vino.


The Castle is open to the public, upon reservation, for guided tours, walks in the vineyards, wine tastings at which the Castle’s wine is served accompanied by traditional products.