March 13, 2018

Special events

Special events for special occasions: festivity, celebration or simply a new way to breath history, living the experience through the Castle rooms.A murder-mystery dinner, a new menu or an art exhibition.

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February 6, 2018

“A Magic Story” an adventure in costume – primary school

For primary school children.

A hands-on experience in which children participate directly.
The adventure in costume is a new way of playing and learning: an experience that enables participants to relate completely with a historical or legendary characterand experience an adventure in a historical era or in an imaginary place. The children will be taken back by the entertainers into the chosen era and will dress up as Roman legionaries, knights or imps, gnomes or elves…. In this way, will they be ready to enjoy this project to the full and appreciate the fascination, values and beauty of a game as well as the educational aims linked to the events held during the year...

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February 6, 2018

Adventure in costume

Would you like to spend a day with wizards, witches and magic spells or would you rather relive the adventures of Robin Hood?

Perhaps you would prefer to knead dough and prepare a complete menu under the guidance of a real chef?

All of this is possible at the Castle of Grumello, where children are very welcome!
Coming dates

For information and for bookings contact:
cell. +39 348 303 6243


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February 6, 2018


At the Castle of Grumello several exhibitions of contemporary artists and photographers have been organized over the years. Philippe Daverio, the great Italian art critic, has edited the best part of them.

Would you like to present a book or reserve the spaces for an exhibition?

For informations and for bookings please contact:
cell. +39 348 303 6243

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