The Wines

The Castello di Grumello company has a production capacity of around one hundred thousand bottles per annum. The wines, all made from their own grapes and vinified under the guidance of Oenologist Paolo Zadra, ferment and mature in the Castello’s cellar, under whose centuries-old vaults modern fermentation equipment and barrels in precious woods coexist.
The assortment of labels covers the full spectrum of grapes present in the Bergamo area, some of which have grown in the estate’s vineyards since the 1960s, paving the way for a rebirth of the Bergamo wine sector with the creation of the Valcalepio DOC. We refer in particular to the grapes for the red wines, characterised by the Bordeaux blend – Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon – that constitute the Castello’s richest ampelographic heritage. The estate’s 15 hectares also include Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio – the classic Valcalepio Bianco DOC blend – and Pinot Bianco.
Attention to sustainability and new agronomic practices at Castello di Grumello have resulted in a wine from the resistant Bronner and Johanniter-based vines, classified as PIWIs. In addition, the estate has also put much care over the years into an indigenous grape variety that had practically disappeared. We refer to the Merera, a red that recounts yet another part of Bergamo winemaking history.
To conclude is a sweet red wine, the Moscato Passito, made from the famous Moscato di Scanzo grapes, one of the very rare red muscat varieties, resulting a truly unique wine also because of its limited production.