Valcalepio DOC Bianco

Marly-limestone soils. South to south-west exposure. Altitude between 200 and 300 metres a.s.l. Plant density of 5000 vines/hectare. Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio varieties. 41 B and Fercal rootstock selected for their high resistance to active lime. Espalier vine training with pruning (Guyot). 2 kilograms of production per plant. Harvested by hand in 15–18 kilogram crates.

Soft pressing of whole grapes. Controlled-temperature fermentation (16–18° C) in stainless-steel tanks with Sacaromyces Bayanus yeast. Partial malolactic fermentation. Bottling followed by approximately 1 to 3 months resting in the glass. Annual production of 18000 bottles.

Tasting notes:
Straw-yellow colour. Intense aroma with hints of fresh apple. Delicate in flavour. Ideal with hors d’œuvres, light first courses, fish and vitello tonnato.
Also excellent as an aperitif.
To be consumed at a temperature of 8–10° C.
Ageing: 1–2 years.